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They smile and he says he saw the program and wanted to thank her but she came first. Shin says what a relief. Fantastic moral of the story, writer-nim. Shin sits down with future Mi Rae and they discuss how after the car accident he would visit everyday after work with flowers.

Was future Shin just a figment of his imagination? But the sharp coupling U-turn was jarring and induced whiplash in the viewers, when all along Mi Rae had only eyes and heart for Shin yet the writer kept siccing Se Joo on her like he was a bloodsucking leech and she the only arm around.

Yoo Kyung let him go and made something of herself with her own two feet. Se Joo asks if they will quash the news if it was one of their products? Future Mi Rae says she ruined this present Shin as well, how can she go back to face Shin?

They bid each other farewell and walk off on divergent paths. The PD says their production relies on sponsors to be broadcast.

Se Joo walks through his office one last time and gets a call from Mi Rae. I want to hate her, and I do, but she also provides the only sliver of romance in this drama. Se Joo encourages her to become a news anchor but she reveals that she got the scholarship to go to the US East Coast news station.

Shin finishes his broadcast and walks off the stage with all the production team members looking at him in disappointment. This drama was supposed to be about Mi Rae marrying Shin because she dared to love him, it was about her making a choice because she had the courage to overcome the stacked odds.

The backhug continued the pattern of giving them more skinship, with Mi Rae and Shin barely have any scenes together for the last 4 episode and definitely zero romantic gestures. Se Joo asks him to drive him somewhere. She also asks where Kim Shin is?

Se Joo arrives at Incheon airport and is picked up by the driver. Shin nows runs an internet news program called The News and is doing well. She sees her coffee prince Gong Yoo?

Even in the very end we are faced with massive plot holes we can all drive the Death Star through. This also totally confuses me as to why she would spend all the early episodes painting him as a villain of the first order. So all future Mi Rae had to do was sit her ass down while her husband was in the hospital and not hop on a time machine to change her own past.

Mi Rae and Oppa walk future Mi Rae to the time-travel elevator.

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His lawyer invites Shin to dinner but Shin declines as he has other plans. My Lady A spunky year-old housewife, Yoon Gae Hwa, takes on the job of manager to prickly top star Sung Min Woo in order to earn enough money to regain custody of her child from her ex-husband. Miranda calls Se Joo and asks what Shin did?

Yuri is envious of the life that Jung-suh leads and is determined to take everything away from her, including Song-joo. Yoo Kyung knocks on his door and happily sticks her head in to greet him.

It was also glossed over so we dont really feel the love between her and the Choi young master. God I love her. To those who watched alongside, thanks for keeping me sane though it all. Future Mi Rae says that if one wants to escape fate, one is still being controlled by it.

Having reached the only logical conclusion that this drama has no logic whatsoever, how do I interpret the ending? A silent epilogue after the credits show future Mi Rae digging up the time capsule and inside are pictures of happy Mi Rae cuddling a little boy.

Shin starts to report the news. Se Joo closes her hand with the ring and tells her to keep it. She also got the confirmation from Se Joo that he would have fallen for her definitely if he met her first in Jeju.Watch Dating Agency Cyrano Ep 1 Eng Sub. Any Lesbian Dating Sites! 5 task force staffing tulsa business ethics victoria university chow yun fat jasmine tan photo the masters sun theme song crazy of you professor john kay review hush little baby watch dating agency cyrano ep 1 eng sub dont say a Arenal Volcano and never mind that noise you italian free online dating.

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Enjoy. Dec 03,  · How does one go about writing the recap for episode 16 of Marry Him If You Dare (Mirae’s Choice)? One one hand, proper English grammar, syntax, and logical reasoning feel wasted when used on the minutes that just transpired onscreen.

Watch Dating Agency: Cyrano Episode 01 Ep 1 English Subbed, A team for hire helps those who are having troubles in their love lives. The team employs elaborate stagings to help their clients snag the ones they love.

Watch dating agency cyrano ep 1 eng sub online free
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