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Bob asks Eric how his benefit went on Friday. A biker-gang shootout in Waco killed 9 people on Sunday. The guys discuss the riots in Baltimore. She tells us ways to donate and where to seek support during these hard times. We partnered with the Austin Disaster Relief Network and the Salvation Army on Friday and raised about a quarter of a million dollars toward the storm relief efforts.

Try to install opera browser. Joe Allbaugh comes to talk about traffic in downtown and transportation changes needed. Our listener Leslie from Ding Dong, Texas, calls in to tell us about the tornado that blew through Saturday night.

Bob and the guys talk about a 60 Minutes report on Cyber Security. Not new but always disappointing. We talked about the increasing amount of traffic. Are you ready to start the day? Not the most elegant solution though. Bill Arhos founded Austin City Limits, which makes Bob think there should be an Austin hall of fame for the music influences like him.

Is anyone facing the same problem???

WhatsApp Dare Games, Messages & Questions with Answers

Cn3zz Screen rotation makes not opening people's WhatsApp texts easier. We talk about if the Shoal Creek renovations held up through the flooding.

WhatsApp will stop working from today on these phones – is yours on the list?

Jimmy was also disappointed with the circumstances surrounding the Blue Bell recall. The imprints can indicate an animal with paws such as dogs, cats, bears, lions, etc.

Bob tells us the top 10 beaches in the world according to Trip Advisor. Not opening my whatsapp messages because if I reply to one person I have to reply to everyoneee ProterozoicRock messages from 9 chats.

Tried opening and it just keeps loading Caterpillars hatch from an egg, eat their way through all groceries, pupate and become a butterfly. Why tf is my WhatsApp not opening but messages coming through Ntshozi I have a tendency of not opening whatsapp videos and reading olthose long ass texts He informs us of the recent violence against cops in breaking news stories including a heroic K-9 officer.

Jimmy watched the end of the Masters last night and had only good things to say about Jordan Speith. Asked him wh… Ovvzie Get Browsec VPN from Google chrome store to get roblox working again, you can only access the site, not the games. Oprah has dropped in the ranking of most powerful women and new women have made the list.

Or you want to buy new leggings with the typical pattern. Represents the holidays and is often used in Christmas greetings. Drew will be one of the performers! Durst, 71 year old admitted to killing his neighbor but claiming it was in self defense and beat the charge.

The guys also wish Eric Raines a happy birthday and discuss the construction on Mopac. They also talked about Texas baseball and did quick hit news.WhatsApp Dare Games WhatsApp is the biggest messenger for communicating with our friends and family members.

Dare Games for WhatsApp is the most trending from which some people play WhatsApp Games by sending truth and dare question with their loved ones. Most of the people want to know some Good and Funny Dares for Boys & Girls both.

/rule34/ - Rule34

So, you also want some interesting Good. "/rule34/ - Rule 34" is a board about porn of all existing things on 8chan. WhatsApp has created a new messaging option called Reply Privately.

It’s built for group conversations and, as its name suggests, allows you to respond to messages privately, without anyone but. top 31 list of onion deep websites what kind of top 10 list hidden web, onion deep web revenge websites list onion porn site Deep Web Links Deep Websites Links and Url.

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Whats app sex emoji
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